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Spicewood Vineyards : Texas Wines with a Spanish Touch

With a vineyard covering no less than 32 acres, Spicewood is now considered as one of the largest vineyards in the Texan Hill Country. With Ron Yates at the helm since 2007,  this estate has chosen the well-known Spanish varieties like Tempranillo, Graciano and Carignan as a way to differentiate themselves from others properties.

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How to detect wine faults

They are the worst enemies of our guilty pleasure! They are called oxidation, reduction, corked wine, Brettanomyces and others. How do we identify those faults when our glass of wine smells funny or has a strange color? And what can be done ?  Follow the guide. 

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Wine blending 101

When there are several varieties of grapes that are used for wine production, this is a blended wine. This technique is used around the world, from Bordeaux to Champagne and as far as Patagonia, Argentina and Australia.

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Reddy Vineyards : When Texas Wine Shines in Altitude

When we think about Texas, wine is probably not the first thing that comes to our mind. If they would grow grapes under the Lone Star legendary heat, that would probably transform into freshlessness wines. That way of thinking would be limitative and quite frankly misleading. Case in point : Reddy Vineyards.

What about acidity in wine

Acidity is an essential constituent of wine. This is what gives the impression of freshness and the sour or tangy side of a white, a rosé or even a red wine. And we know it perhaps less, but the acidity also contributes to slow down the process of deterioration of the wine. Explanations.

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Vinho Verde, anyone ?

First of all, vinho verde (pronounced Vigno verday) means green wine in Portuguese. But, do not expect to see a green apple color or in any way fluorescent like kryptonite that even Superman could not refuse. But I digress … In fact, in this case we do not speak of « green wine » but rather of « young wine ». And young,  vinho verde is, since it is usually bottled from three to six months after the harvest. The vines grown to compose this one of a kind wine are located in the northwest of Portugal, in a region rather lush, thanks...

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